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Update at 1830, 8th September, 2020

It might be the end of the world but isn’t it exciting that it is happening in our lifetime? Just as the Morris world was awaking and we had the first dance out under our belts, plenty of others in the pipeline and the 2020 Day of Dance scheduled for Saturday 27th June, what happened? Coronavirus! Everything is still in the melting pot but all major events are cancelled and most teams have written 2020 off. It can’t last forever. Keep visiting. We will put information on as it becomes available.

I recently found a video from 2017 showing Buttercross Belles dancing on Scale Lane Bridge as it swings. The only bridge in Britain where this could happen. Well worth a look at. Keep an eye on the background as it swings. The bridge  staff were brilliant, most welcoming and accommodating:

Just to entertain you in the intervening period:

A Morris History Lesson
A little contentious I must agree but it had to be written ! Now updated for 2020.

No one knows when the Morris dance
First drew its lusty breath
But a Morris dancer’s hankie
Helped distribute the Black Death.

While history has lost the facts
And tends to be quite vague
We believe that ancient hankie
May have spread bubonic plague.

And we know that unhygienic cloth,
When it wasn’t spreading plagues,
Spread old discomforts like “the sweats”
And other doleful agues.

Eat your heart out, Typhoid Mary
And Death, where is thy sting?
It’s the Morris dancer’s hankie
That curtails our mortal fling.

Whether you be rich or poor,
Or fat or thin and lanky,
The Grim Reaper’s greatest ally
Is the Morris dancer’s hankie.

But would we be less hardy souls
A puny race of men
And never built the empire
If they’d had tissues then?

Now coronavirus is in vogue
Its spectre roams the land
Will spiteful folk use this excuse
To have our Morris banned?

Or will they simply cuddle close
To childhood Ted or blankie
Quivering in mortal fear
Of the Morris Dancer’s hankie?

So if you’re feeling under par
Or seedy, low and cranky
Perhaps you’ll find that you’ve been blessed
With the Morris dancer’s hankie.



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Hull's Rackaback Border Morris Team dancing at the Doncaster Day of Dance in 2013.
Hull’s Rackaback Border Morris Team dancing at the Doncaster Day of Dance in 2013.