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Updated 20.00 on 13th July, 2019

The Morris World is now well into the new season. The Beverley Fringe Folk Festival brought Morris Dancing in the streets of Beverley on both the Saturday and Sunday. Saturday 29th June saw the Hull Folk Dance Society celebrate their Centenary with Morris in Cottingham in the afternoon and a grand Ceilidh in the evening. The coming Hull Day of Traditional Dance will be held on Saturday 27th July in conjunction with Hull Folk and Maritime Festival. The Day of Dance is being organised this year by the squire of Rackaback who can be contacted via their website.

The final line up for Saturday 27th July, 2019 consists of nine teams:

Scarborough’s White Rose Garland Dancers in Front of Holy Trinity Church.

Rackaback Morris
Green Ginger Garland
Hornbeam Molly
Ebor Morris
Flash Company
Buttercross Belles
Raving Maes
White Rose Garland

The 2019 Venues are:
King Edward Square Square (3 ships) 10.30 to 1215
Queen Victoria Square 10.30 to 1215
Princes Dock St 1030 to 1315
Hull Marina (Castle St End) 13.30-1515
Humber St 1330 to 1515
Hull Marina/Humber Street 1430 to 1515
Queen Victoria Square 1530to1430

Kesteven Ladies in Victoria Square 2018

Many thanks to all the teams and the spectators who came along on Saturday 28th July last year to make our day a great success. Even the weather was kind to us with the worrying early rain giving way to sunny skies.

We had spectators from all over the world, including visitors from New Zealand and Seattle. One Lady had come on the train from Boston (Lincs) especially to view our Day of Dance.

We had found ourselves in an unusually fluid team availability situation and thank  all the teams for bearing with us. A special thank you goes out to Beverley Garland and Acorn Morris who, despite our best efforts, found themselves dancing in a group of two for a second time.

We  hope you all  had a good day and happy memories of your time here.

The first video (Hornbeam Mollie) has appeared at https://youtu.be/2X-GtTaHvCc  . Hopefully, many more will follow. If you have posted  anything or have any photos you would like to share please let us know and we will circulate them.

The Kesteven Men can do it too!



Some Morris dance outs through 2019 will be listed in the “See Morris” section of the Morris Minors website which this hyperlink will take you to.

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Hull's Rackaback Border Morris Team dancing at the Doncaster Day of Dance in 2013.
Hull’s Rackaback Border Morris Team dancing at the Doncaster Day of Dance in 2013.